Sunday, 10 February 2013

Brazil produces wine – who’d have thought?

When in Curitiba recently for a family event, I was astonished to come across an adega and huge shop, home of the Durigan brands ofwine. Entering in the huge traditional shop, we were offered samples of its red, white and sparkling. The red, unusually, has both dry and sweet varieties.

I’m no wine expert, but I do know that Durigan’s wines were very good. The sweet ones were unusual but not to my taste – others loved it.

Durigan can trace its heritage back to an Italian family who were around since 1845. That’s a long time in Brazil years. The heritage is there, and the good tasting wine is there, but there’s something I’m confused about. Every country in South America with wine boasts about it. In the UK, we drink loads of the stuff from Chile and Argentina, but never Brazil. Isn’t it time the Brazil marketeers started pushing? There is no good reason why good wine shouldn’t come from the south of Brazil. The climate here is perfect for grape growing.

If you are in Curitiba, a trip to the Durigan adega is well worthwhile – if not for the brilliant wine, it has a selection of other traditional foods (and free samples).

To find out more about Durigan, you can visit the company's website:

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