Monday, 20 February 2012

Carnaval: a celebration of romance, lust, and sex

Carnaval in Brazil provides revellers - male and female - with an opportunity to dodge public nudity laws by simply painting their body parts a different colour - as highlighted here.

And this points to a major part of the celebrations. There are no two ways of saying this: carnaval in Brazil is about romance and lust - but mostly, it is about sex. This might seem odd given that carnaval originated from Christianity, but it is perfectly in keeping with the passion of the Brazilian population. I should add that this is not a complaint - merely an observation. And good on them for enjoying life an all its forms.

During carnaval, streets become packed with sweaty, drunk, happy people. Dancing and kissing the opposite sex is high on the agenda, and the process is often repeated many times over with different partners in any given session.

But what happens when you meet a partner that really grabs your eyes and your heart? Then, inevitably, she or he is snatched away in an instant - stolen by the revolving crowds.

Someone has come up with a solution. As highlighted and redistributed several times in an AP article, a blog called “Little Leopard, Where Are You?” has been created to solve this very Brazilian carnaval party problem. The blog allows revellers to seek out their crowd romancer in the way of a post. Genius. This seems like an idea that could be replicated world over.

However, mysteriously, despite this being a reputable source I am struggling to find a link to the actual blog. Please do send me a tip if you know better.


At 21 February 2012 at 20:02 , Blogger Unknown said...

Actually, there's no law against nudity if it is artistic expression.
About the blog where you can find someone you lost at the carnival, there's sections in american newspapers that already do that all year long for all kinds of strangers.

At 14 March 2014 at 22:13 , Blogger California State University International Programs said...

Yeah, there's a "Missed Connections" section on Craigslist.


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